Edie Dress

Edie Dress

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The Edie Dress was thoughtfully designed to be versatile and comfortable. Its classic look means that it can be worn casually or dressed up to help you transition from polished and professional to casual and relaxed.

Falling just above the knee, this length creates a polished look that also allows you to sit comfortably
Unlike a traditional button down dress, we opted to create a slit in the back, which will create additional comfort when sitting or walking.
Buttons carried all the way to the waistline to prevent the dress from opening while you are sitting.
No belt loops. We love our belt design, but we don’t believe you should be limited in how you choose to wear the dress.
Engraved buttons
Discrete logo on metal tag, an Edie signature
High thread count of combed cotton and polyester – the perfect combination for comfort, durability, and easy care.