The Edie Company (EDIE) was founded to create a consumer experience that we would be proud to participate in. Our signature style is a reflection of our appreciation for timeless designs cultivated and enforced through three generations of women in fashion and business.

Leveraging the wisdom of yesterday to create a conscious commerce company designed for today, we hope to provide products that enhance everyday life; whether it is through a story, a sense of value from quality, or products that make us feel comfortable and confident. 

We are proud of our partnerships and the people who make these products; we are proud of the products themselves; and we are proud to have our company assist in improving the lives of others.

We cannot thank you enough for believing in our mission and we cannot wait to keep moving forward.

All the best,

Gloria & Victoria Lopez



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Thoughtfully DESIGNED 

We believe in thoughtful designs using the highest quality materials. Our focus is not to follow fashion trends, but rather to create (or showcase) pieces that are timeless. 

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ethically manufactured 

Our philosophy has always been to prioritize the integrity of our work over the bottom line. For our signature Edie collection, we proudly work with American manufacturers and makers to ensure that all workers who make our products are treated with dignity in the workplace. 

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Giving back 

We believe in using commerce to drive social change. Although there are many causes that are dear to us, we identified education as an area that can truly have a lasting impact on the life of others. With every purchase made, a portion of the proceeds is invested in a child's education. 

Impact of Uniform Donations 

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