At Edie we believe in thoughtful design and using the highest quality materials. Our focus is not to follow fashion trends, but rather to create pieces that are timeless. We believe that the simplicity of our designs allows our clothing to transition seamlessly from season to season, year to year. Our design process involves working with American pattern makers to work on the details of our pieces. We aim to create pieces that are structured yet comfortable. When selecting fabrics and materials we focus on durability and quality. We want to ensure that our clothing can endure continuous wear and still retain its integrity and fit. There is nothing fast about our design process, but we believe that nothing is worth doing unless it is done right. 



At Edie we work with American manufactures to ensure that all workers who sew our clothing are treated with dignity in the workplace. Our philosophy has always been to prioritize the integrity of our work and products over the bottom line. Working with American manufacturers also allows us to maintain a close relationship with those who sew our clothing, which enables us to perfect our measurements, be attentive to stitching, and test our products several times over before moving onto production. We are incredibly proud to be a company that can contribute to the revitalization of the American manufacturing industry. 

All Edie products are made in the United States


At Edie we want to be a company that gives back. Although there are many causes that are dear to us, we identified education as an area that can truly have a lasting impact on the lives of others. For every purchase that you make, Edie promises to donate a piece of uniform attire to a child in need.  

Across the globe many students are unable to enroll or stay in school due to user fees. In developing countries, specifically, uniforms are often one of these costs. By providing a piece of uniform attire, we hope to reduce these costs and enable children to have access to an education. For students already enrolled in school, our goal is to provide them with a second uniform, which has been proven to reduce a student’s school absenteeism considerably in some areas.

It is our goal to empower communities and help others thrive. In addition to helping children, all uniforms are purchased in local communities so as to contribute to the local economy.  As our mission, we hope to empower others through conscious consumer choices, and that is what conscious living means to us.