Wardrobe Reset: How to Update Your Wardrobe for 2018

wardrobe reset.png

1.    Visualize

Think of the year ahead and ask yourself: what do I want my style to be and what do I need?

If this seems like a daunting task you can consider what you have planned for the year ahead. Perhaps you have planned to switch careers, move to another city, or have decided to make big changes to your lifestyle. The best way to build a wardrobe is to visualize and plan!

 How to visualize
There are plenty of resources at your disposal: Pinterest, fashion blogs, and magazines.

Find a style that appeals to you and take note of how you can apply that style to all facets of your life – work and leisure. A good way to determine what style appeals to you is to ask yourself why that style appeals to you. It can be as simple as functionality or meeting your personal aesthetic. Finding a style is a good way to focus your purchases and cultivate a wardrobe that is cohesive. 

How to plan
Take note of what pieces are an essential. These will pieces that are most versatile.   When browsing for style inspiration consider how the same pieces can be restyled for different looks.

Once you have determined which pieces you need, make a list!


2.    Take Inventory

Go to your closet and take inventory of what you already own.  Haven’t worn that sweater in two years? Perhaps it’s time to donate it. It is important to ask why you purchased that item and why you chose to or not to wear it. Sometimes we make impulse purchases or pieces now look tired and worn. That's okay! Take these items as lessons learned to make better choices in the future. 

It is also important to recognize that our personal style may evolve over time. An easy way to have your wardrobe evolve with you is to focus on wardrobe staples as your core purchases and to make seasonal or yearly updates with accessories.

 Having a better, leaner closet of things you actually wear will bring you more day-to-day joy, we promise!


3.    Create Wish List

Based on what you own and what you need, create a new list of items that you would like to purchase in the coming months. Here, it helps to break it down by season. Having a tailored wish list means that you will end up purchasing items that you actually need and that you know you will wear. A tailored wish list will also make you more focused when shopping, so you will naturally be more selective and find pieces that fit you better and are of better quality.


4.    Organize Your Closet By Category & Color

Stay inspired! Organizing everything in your closet by category and color is not only visually appealing, but it is also an easy way to quickly find exactly what you need. 

Starting the year with a plan for your wardrobe is a great way to develop a cohesive style that works for you. It is also a way to decrease unnecessary spending on items that you will rarely use.