Your Impact: Donation of Uniform Attire to a Child in Need

I met a pair of brothers, ages 10 and 12, who had been sharing a single pair of adult-size shoes. Because the local schools required footwear, they had to take turns going to class. Their mother wept when I handed her shoes that actually fit her boys’ feet. I couldn’t believe that such a simple act could have such an enormous impact on people’s lives.
— Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS


From its inception, The Edie Company was meant to serve as a vehicle for change. As founders we wanted to find a way in which our company could give back, not only to an underserved and important cause, but to a cause that resonated with us. That search led us to school uniform donations.

For us, education has always felt personal. As an immigrant family we have experienced the incredible safety net that education can provide as an individual or family moves across borders.  We have also witnessed how an accessible education can be the great equalizer in any society.



 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that all individuals have the right to an education and that education should be made generally available and equally accessible to all on the basis of merit. 

To prevent poverty from being a barrier to education, at least during critical years of development, all countries must provide universal early education.

Education stands as a pillar of human rights because it promotes understanding, tolerance, and friendship.  

[Read More: Universal Declaration for Human Rights]



 However, a lack of strong government programs that can provide a quality education and high levels of poverty prevent many students in developing nations from completing a formal education. Costs associated with education can present themselves as formal or informal fees with the latter representing costs associated with transportation, supplies, exams, and uniforms.  By providing a uniform or a piece of uniform attire, we hope to eliminate one of those costs and increase a student’s ability to complete his or her education.

[Read More: “10 Barriers to Education Around the World,” Global Citizen 2014]



 In 2009 a group of scholars from the World Bank, Harvard University, and Yale University published a study on the impact of distributing school uniforms in Kenya. The report found that giving a school uniform reduced school absenteeism by 44% for the average student and 62% for students who did not previously own a uniform. The study also found that the average test-scores of recipients increased by .25 standard deviations. In the study, school uniforms were linked to special privileges and visual equality that further prevented exclusion.  

Viewing uniforms as a forced form of conformity is a luxury. In developing countries, schools often require students to wear uniforms in order to minimize differences in status amongst students. In a world where outward displays of income often determine the nature of one’s interactions with others, uniforms can create an environment in which children are treated equally.   

[Read More: “The Impact of Distributing School Uniforms on Children’s Education in Kenya,” Evans, Krema, and Ngatia 2009]

[Watch: “Dress for Success: school uniforms in developing countries,” CARE via Global Citizen 2015]



 Education is one of the best investments that countries can make. Many studies have concluded that education promotes stability, good governance, and peace. When a country invests in education it experiences a reduction in poverty, long-term economic growth, greater gender equality, and a healthier population.

 One extra year of schooling has been shown to increase an individual’s earnings by up to 10%. 

[Read More: “The Benefits of Education,” Global Partnership for Education]


Thank you

At The Edie Company, we do not believe that one cause deserves more attention than another, but we do believe that if each one of us – whether it is individually or as part of a larger collective – offers what extra we have to give, we can all work together to address the multitude of problems that our world faces.

As always, thank you for choosing to support our products. The assistance that we provide would not be possible without you, the conscious consumer.

Gloria & Victoria


All uniforms are purchased from regional suppliers near the communities in which they are donated so as to help the local economy.