Benefits of Bamboo


For many years cotton has been the go-to fabric for wardrobe staples. Cotton is accessible, affordable, and comfortable, but is it really the best option for items you often reach for? For those who want to minimize their wardrobe with better quality items we will highlight the benefits of bamboo fabric and why bamboo may be a better alternative to cotton for your wardrobe staples.



Bamboo is often described as having a silk-like feel to it. Garments made from bamboo fabric are soft to the touch and incredibly comfortable on the skin.  Additionally, bamboo is a monofilament yarn with no short strands to break or pill, which makes it incredibly durable even through continuous wear. 



Bamboo is a sustainable resource. Not only is it the fastest growing plant on earth, but it is often grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo is grown with minimal impact to the environment, and it also improves soil and air quality.



Bamboo fabric is thermal, which means that it will keep you warm in cool temperatures and cool in warm temperatures. This is perfect for articles of clothing that you wish to use from season to season.



Bamboo is a naturally porous fiber, so it absorbs moisture and dries quickly.  



Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic. The fibers are naturally smooth without any chemical treatment that can cause sharp spurs that irritate the skin.  Bamboo also contains anti-bacterial properties that discourage the formation of bacteria.

Bamboo fabric is not versatile enough for all applications, but it was certainly the best and most logical choice for a t-shirt, a garment that many of us reach for during every season.